Blog9 - Thinking Local? Best Local Truck Driving Jobs to Join in 2018

Thinking Local? Best Local Truck Driving Jobs to Join in 2018

While a lot can say that long haul trucking companies is where the big money is at, it is the smaller and local truck driving jobs that bring in a smaller yet consistent earning for truckers. Today, we take a look at some of the best local truck driving jobs that those aiming to be truckers can join this year.

What Counts As ‘Local’?

This is one question that we have gotten for quite a few times now. To be completely honest, the term local refers to smaller communities and pretty much where you—the reader—are at presently. You could be in the middle of a metropolis and that would still be your local area. What usually make local jobs different from those of a larger scale are three things:

  • The route
  • The company size
  • What you are handling

Local trucking jobs are often thought to be less complicated than long haul jobs but this is not necessarily true a lot of the time. Local jobs often have a lot of growing to do and those that choose to join local truck driving jobs contribute to that growth.

Local firms, especially those that are start ups, will still need to sort out their processes, schedules, client handling, and even the types of services that they want to share with their market. Driving for such companies, as some people may look at it, can come off as shaky but that is simply a matter of perspective. Local truck driving jobs provide drivers with a unique opportunity to grow with the company or the business.

Best Sorts of Local Truck Driving Jobs

When you think on focusing on your local area, this is actually a pretty big thing. Most truck drivers try to aim for larger scale jobs. We are here to tell you that regardless of the type of job that you choose, it is important to be discerning about the company that you pick. There are some issues with both local and larger scale companies and if truckers are not careful, they can end up footing a bill that they really should not be dealing with at all.

That in mind, it is time to shine the spotlight on some of the best sorts of local truck driving jobs we’ve experienced ourselves. Mind you, we are not going to name specific names. Instead, we are going to mention particular industries that are normally found in a local scale. We chose these as they are the most consistent types of truck driving jobs that you can find anywhere.

Parcel/Mail Truck Operators

Any local area will have an established outlet for the larger mailing or parcel delivery companies. There are also localized businesses that handle mail. They will need delivery personnel to make sure that everything is delivered in a speedy and timely manner. If you are not assigned to do actual deliveries, truck drivers can be assigned to be the ones to make pick ups from either homes or establishments.

What makes mail companies one of the best ones to work for is the fact that you will always have something to do! This means that you, a driver, will always have a job to accomplish. This means job security in a climate where jobs in other markets seem to fold.

im - Thinking Local? Best Local Truck Driving Jobs to Join in 2018

Construction Companies

No matter where you go, there will always be a construction firm. They need people to handle their materials and make sure that they get to where they need to go. Construction firms often need specialized truck drivers to handle materials like concrete (mixed and unmixed) and even lumber.

A lot of local construction firms are always looking for permanent truck drivers whose duties are completely separate from any building jobs that they have. Some of the people that write these articles have experienced local construction firms that have strict drive only jobs for truck drivers. This makes them one of the best sorts of local truck driving jobs to go for. They also keep pretty fair hours so you can build a routine a lot easier than other jobs.

Local Farms

One thing that the USA has enjoyed over the past decade is the massive improvement of the agricultural sector. There are more and more locals that have their own farm but do not have the equipment, skills, or the vehicle that is needed to transport their products to an area where they can actually distribute their products for sale.

A lot of local farms are always looking to hire truck drivers to help them out. We counted local farms as one of the best sort of local truck driving jobs because if you really wanted to be part of growth, this is the best place for it. Not only do you provide a business with the means to distribute their product, you also provide a good service for the people who live in the area. You help connect them with healthier and often more affordable options compared to the products that you can usually find in the larger scale groceries.

To Conclude

While larger salaries can be truly enticing, localized jobs—while they do not pay as much—can provide a lot of other benefits for truck drivers. Local jobs will always mean that drivers do not need to be on the road that long. This also means that they are not far away from friends and loved ones that often.

One of the biggest draws to local trucking jobs is the fact that they provide a truly valuable service to local businesses and smaller establishments. As you may know, there is an ongoing trucker shortage and it is usually the smaller towns and districts that feel the brunt of the economic impact of such shortages. When you choose to go with a local truck driving job, you help keep the economy of the area in the green.

Which particular local trucking jobs would you consider to be some of the best? Let us know in the comments or through a call! We would love to hear your thoughts and pass on the knowledge.

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