Blog5 - Drivers 101: Qualities that Truck Drivers Looking For Jobs Must Possess

Drivers 101: Qualities that Truck Drivers Looking For Jobs Must Possess

Job hunting has always been challenging. This is especially true for truck drivers looking for jobs. Today, we take a look at some qualities that they need to possess if they ever dream of being employed. While a lot of people may argue that back in the day all you needed was a truck and a sense of direction, things today are completely different.

As the importance of trucking services cannot be understated, governing bodies have made it quite clear that they now hold a much higher standard for those that would like the privilege of being behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Not only is there a lot of physical testing involved, there are higher standards that are expected from those that obtain certification and licensing. Beyond the legal requirements, companies often look to the drivers themselves to see if they have the qualities that make them ideal members of their company.

Qualities that Local Truck Driving Jobs Look For

When it comes to driving a truck, whether for a local or long haul driving, it takes more than just the piece of paper that tells people that you are a good fit for the truck you are aiming to control. Much like any job on the face of the planet, it takes more to accomplish the task at hand. There are qualities that a person must have and these are the qualities that they look for.

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Here are some of them:


Driving a truck, especially over long distances, will mean a lot of alone time for the driver. As such, it would be critical for a driver to be able to determine if they are still in good condition or will require a rest. Self-regulating individuals do not need to be told what they have to do. This means that the company does not need to keep a massive amount of dispatchers on the payroll to check up on their drivers.

A trucker’s job is difficult one. If anyone ever tries to convince you otherwise, you should probably not take them very seriously. Any jobs that make you keep some odd hours or long periods of being by yourself is challenging. It takes an individual who can self-regulate successfully to be able to last in this profession.

Consistently Reliable

We place much emphasis on the word ‘reliable’ because it is fairly easy to only be dependable at the first few years of a contract or a job. Most local truck driving jobs require a driver that is able to maintain good performance through the years of service. Consistently reliable drivers will mean steady streams of deliveries—which in turn, mean happier clients in the long run.

Any trucker will tell you that no delivery is ever 100% smooth. There will be slip ups and delays. However, if a driver is consistently reliable, both the company and the client will know that it is their processes that need to be improved and not the driver themselves.


Trucking companies highly value drivers that are honest. This means that if the company asks for feedback about any of their processes, they can count on the driver to give them actual feedback that they would be able to use. People who are inherently honest will be a greater help for companies that are still finding their way through any bureaucratic motions that delay deliveries or release forms.

When drivers are honest about what they do and what they experience, they know that they will only be improving things for themselves. After all, if the company that they work for cannot grow or accept frank input, why would they want to continue working for such a company anyway?

Fit and Capable

One of the biggest requirements of companies would be for their drivers to be fit and capable. Driving a large vehicle requires someone that is both physically fit and mentally capable. Long hours and unpredictable traffic or driving conditions require steady hands and an even steadier mind. When you drive a commercial vehicle, it is not just your safety that is at stake. It is someone’s property or livelihood as well.

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Large trucking companies prioritize those that are both fit and healthy.


Social skills are quite necessary even if a lot of truckers spend a lot of the time by themselves. Truckers need to be able to address any questions appropriately and courteously when doing deliveries, pickups, or drop offs. Trucking companies understand that the job itself is pretty challenging. As such, they will need people who are able to do the job and still be personable.

A lot of the time, an impression that a customer has about a trucking company is because of the driver and the state of the delivery. A good trucking company will know that they must employ drivers will great social skills in order to avoid any sort of misunderstandings with their clients at the delivery points.

To Conclude

Truck driving companies that pay for training often only employ people that have shown the qualities that we have discussed above. They know that people are an investment. Like all investments, there are good and bad ones. Which is why through the years, trucking companies have further improved their hiring process.

So before you go to your computer and type up “truck driving jobs near me”, you had better do a pretty frank assessment of your qualities as a professional and as a truck driver. The two are not necessarily one and the same or interchangeable. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, chances are you can start out at a smaller company and work your way up. Qualities that larger companies are looking for can be learned and improved with smaller companies.

Do yourself a favor. After you figure out the sort of qualities that the target larger company puts value in, practice it where you presently are. Those who handle truck driving recruitment often look for experience as well as the good qualities that they target.

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