Blog6 - Top Five Reasons Why Long Haul Trucking Companies Pay the Most

Top Five Reasons Why Long Haul Trucking Companies Pay the Most

For a lot of truckers who desire to earn quite a bit, they often aim for long haul trucking companies. Today, we take a look at some of the top reasons why they do pay so much.

What Are Long Haul Trucking Companies?

These are the trucking companies that mostly cater to clients that require deliveries over long distances. The logistics behind such drives are usually planned out months and weeks in advance. While localized trucking companies will usually require their drivers to do deliveries within the same city, long haul trucking companies will normally require their drivers to go over state lines.

In some cases and in other countries, long haul drivers are made to deliver to other countries (that are nearby).

Why Do They Pay More?

If compared to short distance trucking jobs, long haul or over the road truck jobs do pay significantly more. Some of the US based companies pay to around $72,000 annually. If you work overseas, they pay even more. There are a variety of reasons as to why companies that prioritize long haul deliveries pay more.

Here are the top five reasons why they pay more:

Delicate Handling

A majority of long haul firms have clients that necessitate the transport of commodities that require some careful handling. Expert driving is required in some conditions that may be quite challenging even for a lot of the well trained operators.

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Not all truck drivers have the experience or the patience to be trained in ways that would best fit long haul deliveries—especially when what is being transported is toxic or in liquid form.

Driver Shortage

One of the biggest reasons why long haul firms offer larger salaries is due to the fact that there is an ongoing driver shortage. There has been quite an issue regarding this as a majority of the established truckers have reached an age where they can no longer able to do the job. Driving over long distances is a physically demanding job—it will require someone that is physically fit and able to accomplish the job.

While there have been enough drivers to make ends meet in terms of deliveries, there is still an existing shortage that needs to be filled. A lot of companies have tried to offer massive sign up bonuses to any new drivers.

The Demands of the Job

Long haul firms have an intrinsic understanding of the demands that the job requires of the drivers. Drivers need an understanding of topography and the best roads to pass through in the event of an emergency. Long haul deliveries also take individuals away from their homes and families for several weeks at a time. Those that would like to keep their drivers know that they should be well compensated in order have an incentive to stay. After all, short-haul jobs are available.

In some cases, the long haul job will require the driver to pass through some pretty dangerous territory. This is particularly true when it comes to trucker jobs in the Middle East. Hazard pay adds quite a bit to the base salary of truckers.

Alleviate Costs and Expenses

For some who have their own vehicles and are owner/operators, the expenses can be quite high. There’s making sure that the vehicle’s papers are all up to date and have the necessary permits to traverse different locations. Then there’s the everyday expense of being on the road like food and water for the driver; then, comes the ever rising cost of gasoline.

Long haul companies take this into consideration when offering their base salaries. What they usually do is offer incentives for their drivers. Depending in what company they sign up for, there are instances where gasoline is reimbursed. It would be best to really be discerning about the company that you are looking at. There will always be companies that offer more than others.

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Independent Contactors

One of the biggest reasons why long haul firms are incentivized to pay their drivers quite a bit is the rise of independent contractors. There are truckers that have their own rigs that approach clients and offer their services directly.

This means that the competition is quite fierce and more clients are turning toward the lighter fees of independent workers. After all, larger firms have several layers of people that need to be paid before the end product is delivered. While some clients may find the lesser fees attractive, there is still something about the security that established businesses offer that cannot be beat. They just need to find drivers to be able to deliver their services.

To Conclude

Long haul trucking companies know that the job that they require people to do is not easy in the least. Also, if they want to beat off any offers that may entice their drivers away, offering a pretty good salary is only the tip of the iceberg. A truck driver’s salary is an integral part of why so many are interested in joining the profession.

However, any experienced trucker will tell you that money is not the end all and be all of what you should prioritize at a job. Yes, the money can help a lot. What anyone who is aiming to be a long haul trucker should look at is how the payment is doled out and what the basis is. To date, there are still companies that offer payment based on miles despite the fact that truckers spend a lot of hours on the job not driving.

It has been “part of the job” to sit in hours of traffic or wait for several hours outside a warehouse waiting for it to open. Paying by the mile is an old practice and is one of the reasons why there has been a continuous shortage of drivers.

When looking at the salary that is offered to you by long haul trucking companies, make sure that what you need to do in order to earn that money is a fair exchange.

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